Real Estate Video Production Sydney

Real Estate Video Production Sydney

Showcase Your Property with Real Estate Video Production in Sydney and Melbourne

Agent Using Video Production in Their Marketing Are Getting More Listening. Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why:

1. Video dramatically increases the Know, Like and Trust factors – for an owner to list a property with you, they must know, like and trust you. There simply is no other advertising medium which achieves this as rapidly and effectively. DL cards, photos online, text online, letters and other traditional media simply do not achieve these factors.

2. You gain instant credibility over your competitors by becoming “famous”
As above, if you use the medium to present yourself you immediately move up in the viewers opinion. They remember you, respect you, and feel they know, like and trust you – the perfect formula for doing business with you!

3. Visitors to websites with video are 64% more likely to purchase products (Cisco Research)
This statistic speaks for itself. Text bores. Video sells

4. 1 minute of film is equivalent to 1.8million words (Dr James McQuivey, Forrester Research). In the information age, too many words are coming at people. Your audience will find it a great and welcome relief to hear your expertise.

5. Internet video production accounts for over 50% of web traffic in 2012. Your potential clients love it!

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