Educational & Training Video Production Sydney

Educational & Training Video Production Sydney

Do you need to improve your organisations training and educational effectiveness?
1 Minute Media specialises in producing cost-effective training and educational videos that dramatically improve your communications.

Why are training and educational videos so effective?

Let’s look at a snapshot of the top 4 reasons for using training and educational videos in 2019:

1. Visual and audio: Our brains love visuals and we learn faster from visuals than just words. Further we retain a greater amount of information when we have viewed images. This phenomena is called “The Picture Superiority Effect.” Add to this the effect of audio and we are multiplying the engagement with the areas of our brain for enhanced understanding and retention.

2. Training quality control: Trainers are human, trainers can make mistakes. When organisations use video to present their message the trainers cannot wander off-script. At 1 Minute Media we supply “Teleprompters” to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Our crew are trained in ensuring the message is still authentic alongside being correct.

3. Go where trainers can’t go: Video can take your best training and educational programmes to anybody at anytime, anywhere in the world.

4. 2019 cost effective training and educational videos: Wind back the clock just 10 years and we know that it was cost that prohibited many organisations from tapping into the vast benefits of training and educational videos. Fast forward to 2016 and to our organisation, 1 Minute Media. We assure our clients that we will produce quality, professional training videos that are practical for your budget.

The result is Training and Educational Videos that will improve your business communications systems 24/7.

Call 1 Minute Media today to professionally utilise the fastest growing marketing tool in history – Video. Call 1300 905 205.

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